Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Movie Review : My Name is Khan

Bollywood Badshah`s next movie is 'My Name is Khan' starring the hottest on-screen couple of the Bollywood 'Shah Rukh Khan' & 'Kajol' playing the lead roles, is slated to have a global release on 12th February 2010. Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol jodi, are sharing the screen, after seven years. In My Name Is Khan, Shah Rukh Khan is arrested in the flight after the police authorities mistake his disability for terrorist behavior and also because he is a muslim with surname Khan. Following his arrest, he meets "Radha' played by 'Sheetal Menon', a therapist who helps him overcome his ordeal. After Shah Rukh Khan overcomes his disorder, he then begins his journey to meet President Barack Obama in order to clear his name.

Shah Rukh Khan’s arrest in My Name Is Khan, his ordeal to overcome his difficulty and how his arrest affects his relationship with Kajol make up the whole story line of My Name Is Khan movie.

Half of the My Name Is Khan movie is based on the true story of a couple living in Los Angeles. Karan Johar acquired the movie rights from them.

Countdown to Bollywood’s most awaited film has begun!